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    Guo Wenqing went to MCC New Energy for research and guidance

    Author MCC Posted on 2021-10-21 14:38

    On the morning of July 28th, Guo Wenqing, general manager of the group company, deputy secretary of the party group, and chairman of MCC Group led a team to MCC New Energy in Caofeidian, Hebei for investigation and investigation. Guo Wenqing went deep into the production workshop to understand the company's operations, visited and condoned frontline cadres and employees, and presided over on-site seminars to listen in detail to reports on the company's production and operation, the second-phase project construction plan and long-term planning.

    Guo Wenqing pointed out that China Metallurgical New Energy has passed the most difficult period and is on the right track of production and operation, and fully affirmed the leadership team and recent work achievements, and put forward five requirements for the next key work:

    One is to always put the party's political construction in the first place, and resolutely shoulder the responsibility of the mining mission to serve the country. It is necessary to thoroughly study and implement the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important speech on July 1 as the primary political task, inherit and carry forward the great party-building spirit, learn the strength of party history and enterprise development, and practice the original mission in the unity of knowledge and action. China Metallurgical New Energy must maintain a good development momentum, give full play to its cutting-edge advantages in the field of new energy and new materials, and make new innovations for the group company to further strengthen and expand the metal mining industry, and resolutely carry out the mission of serving the country. Greater contribution.

    The second is to earnestly grasp the technological revolution and innovation leadership, and highlight the industrialization of core technologies. Core technology and excellent products are the foundation of MCC New Energy. It must always firmly grasp basic technology and practical technology in its own hands, and lead the development of the company through continuous innovation. To accelerate the industrialization of core technology products, we cannot just conduct research in laboratories. Technology must form patents, patents must form products, and products must quickly form an industry. Give full play to the leading role of technological revolution and technological innovation in the development of enterprises. Win the right to speak in. It is necessary to grasp the opportunities for the development of the two major superior material systems of precursors and scandium materials, create a "technical pedigree + product cluster" where market demand, competition has advantages, and industry can lead, and use disruptive products to drive industrial change. It is necessary to set up a team of experts to conduct in-depth research on the unique advantages of scandium products and do a good job of product planning.

    The third is to earnestly grasp the top-level design and further consolidate the management foundation. We must always maintain strategic determination, adhere to the development vision of "focusing on MCC's main business and building a better MCC", plan and implement corporate development goals, further clarify the development direction and development path, and make a difference from the long-term lithium industry. The road of development. It is necessary to further enhance the lean management ability, establish a scientific and effective system management system, tell one's own story well, and help enhance market development competitiveness and brand influence. Talent management should be the top priority, localized recruitment of basic management positions and extensive recruitment of technical talents should be carried out to further increase the proportion of top-notch scientific and technological talents and young leading talents. If a talent is found to be a treasure, the recommendation of talents is not sticking to one pattern, and the talents are used to the best of their ability."

    The fourth is to make overall plans and actively promote the construction of the second phase of the project. Strengthen the connection between the first and second phases of the project, comprehensively summarize the experience in the construction and operation of the first phase of the project, and learn from the industry's advanced concepts, planning, and technology. Adhere to the large-scale planning, make full use of the local business policy, actively apply for the supporting construction and living land of the second phase of the project, and elaborately demonstrate the capital operation, process design, and product positioning of the second phase of the project, and build the company into a world-class modern new energy source Enterprises, truly realize the long-term prosperity of the enterprise.

    The fifth is to strengthen the construction of work style and accelerate the creation of a team of high-quality cadres with both ability and political integrity and integrity. Leading cadres at all levels must stand up for justice, promote righteousness, have a strong style, and set an example. Anything that others are required to do must be done first, and what they are asked not to do must be resolutely not done by themselves. Business cadres must further strengthen the importance of party building work. It is necessary to take the responsibility of the faith and loyalty and passionate loyal officer, always maintain the innocent character of the doer in the new era, promote the pragmatic style of "no delay in a day, no slack in a day", and create a "one horse to take the lead" to drive "a horse galloping." "The vivid situation.

    Liu Caiming, deputy general manager of the group company and member of the party group, and Lu Weidong, leader of the discipline inspection and supervision group and member of the party group, accompanied the investigation. Relevant departments of the group company headquarters, MCC and relevant companies participated in the survey.




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