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    High-nickel ternary precursor smoothly mass-produced MCC New Energy enters the fast lane of high-quality development

    Author MCC Posted on 2021-10-21 14:38

    On June 2, 2021, 11 tons of 8-series high-nickel ternary precursor products were packaged and shipped out of the MCC New Energy plant, marking that MCC New Energy’s 8-series high-nickel ternary precursor products officially achieved bulk shipments. The east wind of the development of high nickel in the lithium battery material industry has entered the fast lane of high-quality development.

    With the development of technology in the lithium battery industry, the safety problem of high-nickel ternary materials has been gradually solved. At present, cost reduction is still the main task for the development of the lithium battery industry. From the perspective of the cost composition of the ternary precursor, the cost of raw materials accounts for up to 90%, and the space for cost reduction needs to be further explored. Due to the uneven distribution of global cobalt resources and the greater impact of the international trade situation, the price of cobalt fluctuates greatly and the price center is always at a high level, so the high nickel and low cobalt of ternary materials are the inevitable direction of ternary batteries to reduce costs and develop sound development. , Is also the main technical route of the future power battery. According to CATL's product technology roadmap, from 2022 to 2023, the share of high-nickel ternary batteries will reach 50% of the entire ternary battery, with huge development potential.

    From the perspective of battery performance, the high-nickel ternary battery has the advantages of high energy density and long cruising range; stable low-temperature performance, not restricted by the area of ??use; comprehensive theoretical cost is lower than lithium iron phosphate, and the space for cost reduction is large. Since it officially entered the production period in 2019, MCC New Energy has been unswervingly focusing on the concept of “only innovators advance, only innovators strong, and only innovators win”, and has continued to carry out research and development work on high-nickel ternary precursor products. It has successively carried out product trial production and verification with customers such as Guoxuan Hi-Tech, Zhenhua New Materials, Guangdong Bangpu, Korea ECOPRO, Changyuan Lithology, Tianjin Menguli, Xinxiang Tianli, Honeycomb Energy, etc. Due to the long product development and verification cycle, At present, one customer has been supplied in batches, five customers are undergoing ton-level verification, and three customers are undergoing kilogram-level sample verification. In addition, they have also discussed ultra-high nickel, 8-series single crystal and cobalt-free with Zhenhua New Materials and other customers. Products are jointly developed and verified. It is expected that by the end of 2021, MCC New Energy's high-nickel product shipments will reach 700-1000 tons/month, and the proportion of high-nickel products will reach 25-35%, making it a leader in the industry.

    At present, MCC New Energy's 5-series and 6-series high-nickel ternary precursor products have been used in the conventional cruising range models of GAC, SAIC, Weilai, Xiaopeng, Geely and other automakers. With the mass production of MCC New Energy's high-nickel ternary precursors, the products will gradually be applied to high-end models with long cruising range such as Weilai, Ideal, Xiaopeng, GAC, BMW, and Volkswagen. In the future, MCC New Energy will continue to improve product quality by cooperating with downstream customers and well-known car companies, guided by market and customer needs, and along the development direction of high nickel, to help the development of China's new energy automobile industry and help China achieve The contribution of the "dual carbon" goal should be strong.


    Contributed from: Nie Yajing, Technology R&D Department


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