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    Contributed from: Nie Yajing, Technology R&D Department

    Author MCC Posted on 2021-10-21 14:38

    In 2021, China's new energy automobile industry will usher in an inflection point of market-oriented growth, with sales expected to reach 1.9 million vehicles, with an average annual compound growth rate of 36% in the next five years. With the rebound in the new energy vehicle market, the installed capacity of power batteries is picking up rapidly. It is estimated that the installed capacity of power batteries in China will exceed 90GWh in 2021, an increase of about 40% year-on-year. At an important moment in the rapid development of the new energy automobile industry, MCC Ramu New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. accurately grasped the market development direction and actively deployed 8-series high nickel ternary precursor materials.

    Because high nickel materials reduce the amount of expensive metal cobalt, the raw material cost benefits brought by low cobalt can reduce the overall cost of high nickel ternary batteries; at the same time, the energy density of ternary batteries increases with the increase in nickel content , The increase of energy density of high nickel ternary battery will reduce the cost of battery unit Wh. The development of high nickel ternary precursor materials has the advantages of high energy density and low cost. However, as the nickel content in the ternary material increases, the cycle performance and thermal stability of the ternary battery will deteriorate, and the safety performance of the battery will be affected. The development of high-nickel ternary battery materials is currently the top priority of the research on ternary battery materials, and the development of high-nickel ternary battery materials with good electrochemical performance is also a difficult point in the research of ternary battery materials.

    The R&D Department of New Energy Technology of China Metallurgical New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. is forging ahead and adopts the seed crystal series reactor process route to precisely control the particle size distribution and morphology of the particles. At the same time, through the optimization of various parameters, the morphology of the secondary particles is controlled to grow preferentially. And the controllable adjustment of particle morphology and particle distribution can effectively reduce the risk of overall debugging failure caused by adjustment operation errors. Through the joint efforts of the technical research and development department and the finished product workshop, the 8-series high-nickel ternary material that meets the customer's product specifications has been developed, and the 8-series high-nickel ternary precursor client certification has been opened.

    The R&D Department of New Energy Technology of MCC will give full play to the spirit of perseverance, be guided by the needs of target customers, driven by technological innovation, continue to increase investment in technological research and development, and achieve rapid and multi-variety development and stable mass production of new products. Provide technical support to achieve good economic benefits.


    Contributed from: Technology R&D Department


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