• The Party Committee of MCC New Energy launched the special action of "Adding parking spaces to relieve people's worries"

    Author MCC Posted on 2021-10-21 14:39

    At the Party History Study and Education Mobilization Conference, General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized that it is necessary to combine the study of Party history with summing up experience, observing reality, and promoting work, as well as solving practical problems, and earnestly carry out "I do practical things for the masses" practical activities. Transform learning effectiveness into work motivation and effectiveness, and prevent the "double skin" between study and work.

    Since the launch of party history study and education, the Party Committee of MCC New Energy has adhered to the orientation of serving the masses of workers and carried out a series of activities of "I do practical things for the masses". Facing the “difficult parking” generally reported by employees, vehicles cannot be parked neatly, occupying public passages, causing chaotic traffic in the plant, and large potential safety hazards. The party committee of MCC New Energy actively plans and takes the initiative to ensure that the plant area On the basis of the existing parking spaces, the idle hardened ground was fully utilized, and 88 motor vehicle parking spaces were added, which further standardized the management of vehicle parking in the factory and effectively guaranteed the personal and property safety of employees.




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