• MCC conducts emergency drills at MCC New Energy

    Author MCC Posted on 2021-10-21 14:39

    On July 23, MCC Group carried out joint emergency drills for natural disaster accidents, production safety accidents and environmental emergencies at MCC Ramu New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. This event invited Li Yongkang, Vice Minister of Safety, Quality and Environmental Protection Department of MCC Group, and Quan Lihui, Vice Minister of Engineering Construction Management Department to participate. Zong Shaoxing, chairman of MCC New Energy, attended the event and delivered a speech. More than 70 people including leaders of MCC New Energy, heads of various departments and employee representatives participated in the event.

    The whole exercise simulated the leakage of hydrogen peroxide tank due to low-intensity earthquake in Tangshan area, emergency measures to deal with the damage caused by sudden natural disasters, emergency measures to sudden production safety accidents, and emergency measures to prevent environmental pollution. measure. The drill demonstrated the emergency treatment process after the leakage of hydrogen peroxide, such as initial treatment, personnel protection, inverted tanks to eliminate leakage, collection control, and dilution detection. During the exercise, the emergency teams responded quickly, cooperated tacitly, used various emergency facilities in strict accordance with the operating procedures, actively and effectively took measures, and all departments coordinated and cooperated in operations. Through this exercise, the confidence and emergency awareness of accident rescue were enhanced, the emergency team was effectively exercised, the coordination and rapid response capabilities between the emergency teams were improved, and the proficiency and technical level of emergency personnel were improved.

    After the drill, Zong Shaoxing, Chairman of MCC New Energy, and Li Yongkang, Vice Minister of Safety, Quality and Environmental Protection of MCC Group, respectively summarized and commented on the drill. While affirming the effectiveness of the drill, they proposed to strengthen emergency management and improve Insufficient procedures and improvements, and continuously improve the company’s emergency response capabilities in response to sudden natural disasters and safety and environmental accidents. It is necessary to closely integrate accident emergency plans and drills. The emergency team that can fight, fight and win.



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