• The Party Committee of MCC New Energy held a special seminar on the prevention of telecommunications fraud

    Author MCC Posted on 2021-10-21 14:39

    In order to effectively protect the legitimate rights and interests of the company’s employees, effectively curb the high incidence of telecommunications and network fraud crimes, promote the sustained stability of the overall social situation, and continuously improve employees’ sense of gain, happiness, and security, the MCC New Energy Party Committee and the Lingang Branch of the Caofeidian District Public Security Bureau combined with the current situation To prevent telecommunications fraud and current affairs hotspots, a special seminar on the prevention of telecommunications fraud was launched on July 22 to do practical things for the masses and answer questions. A total of more than 80 employees from various workshops and departments of MCC New Energy attended the meeting.

    At the meeting, Officer Chen from the Lingang Branch of the Public Security Bureau of Caofeidian District introduced the characteristics, types, and methods of telecommunications network fraud, and combined with the surrounding cases in the jurisdiction, what are the main characteristics of telecommunications fraud, what methods are used, and how to promote and prevent it. Telecom fraud, etc. gave a vivid explanation, summed up the four major characteristics of telecom fraud "far, foreign, complicated, and successful", including investment fraud, loan fraud, false winning information, part-time ordering, shopping refunds, counterfeit leaders, Pretend to be fraudulent forms such as public security law, ticket changes, game transactions, and online dating. Officer Chen emphasized that there are "four difficulties" in investigating telecommunication fraud cases, namely, “the clues are difficult to find out, the suspects are difficult to determine, the evidence is difficult to fix, and the funds are difficult to recover”. Tiny profit, firmly believe that "the sky will not fall pie", calm and rational, correct deception and prevention.

    After the meeting, all employees expressed that they must continue to strengthen the publicity and education of anti-telecom fraud, continue to enhance their self-protection awareness, and continuously improve their safety prevention capabilities, so as to form a “all-round, full coverage” anti-telecom fraud publicity atmosphere, and build an anti-telecom fraud publicity atmosphere. Corporate defense.




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