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    China Metallurgical New Energy held the 2021 annual work conference

    Author MCC Posted on 2021-10-21 14:39

    On February 6, China Metallurgical New Energy held the 2021 annual work conference. The company’s party committee secretary and chairman Zong Shaoxing made the 2020 annual work report and delivered an important speech. The party committee’s deputy secretary and general manager presided over the meeting.

    This meeting is an important and milestone meeting held at the critical moment when MCC New Energy achieves its goal of "turning losses into profits" and fully embarks on a new stage of high-quality development in the "14th Five-Year Plan" period. The meeting conveyed and learned the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important speech when inspecting the National Snowmobile Sled Center project for the Winter Olympics undertaken and operated by China Metallurgical Group and the spirit of China Minmetals, China Metallurgical Group and China Metallurgical 2021 annual work conference. It reviewed and summarized In 2020 and the "13th Five-Year Plan", the company will comprehensively deploy the next key tasks, which has laid a solid foundation for the company to accelerate the progress of high-quality development and create a new height in reform and development.

    At the meeting, Zong Shaoxing delivered a work report entitled "Focus on the main business, gather strength to make breakthroughs, and unswervingly strive for the goal of building a leader in emerging industries". The report first reviewed the highlights of work in 2020. He pointed out that in 2020, the company's leadership team and the majority of cadres and employees will follow closely and implement the decisions and deployments of the Party Central Committee and higher-level groups without any move, fulfill the original mission in the war, and take the initiative to take the initiative in the big exam to fully realize " "Management improvement" as the goal, vigorously carry out management improvement work such as technological transformation, new product research and development, market development, cost reduction and efficiency increase, and achieve comprehensive improvement of production management, comprehensive improvement of process technology, comprehensive breakthrough in marketing, and comprehensive optimization of refined management. Safety and environmental protection management has been comprehensively enhanced, scientific and technological research and development continued to be exerted, and team building continued to be strengthened. The sales volume of ternary precursors and nickel sulfate for the whole year has entered the top 6 in the industry, and realized a turnaround in the fourth quarter of 2020, and initially achieved the goal of "on the car" of precursor products, governance system, management level and party building work The level has reached a new level.

    Zong Shaoxing pointed out that while affirming the achievements in 2020, we should also reflect on and accelerate the resolution of problems such as unreasonable product structure, bottlenecks in the release of full-process production capacity, weak profitability, single source of raw materials, and further improvement in safety and environmental protection. And short board. Zong Shaoxing emphasized that 2021 is the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, the first year of the country’s "14th Five-Year Plan", the year when a new journey begins in the comprehensive construction of a modern socialist country, and MCC New Energy’s comprehensive promotion of "Four Beams and Eight Pillars." The construction of the industrial system, the full realization of stable production and over-production, and all-out efforts to win the crucial year of the battle to turn losses into profits. We must take Xi Jinping’s thoughts on socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era as a guide, thoroughly study the spirit of the important speech delivered by General Secretary Xi Jinping’s inspection and investigation of the National Snowmobile and Sled Center project, and fully implement the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the 19th Plenary Session and the Central Economic Work The spirit of the meeting, in-depth implementation of the spirit of the meeting of heads of central enterprises, the deployment of the work conference of China Minmetals and China Metallurgical Group, comprehensively strengthen the party building, base on the new development stage, implement the new development concept, lead by high-quality development, and use high-nickel products The goal of large-scale production is to coordinate and match the output of main and by-products. “Guarantee two and three”, “Five and four”, make every effort to promote the construction of the “four beams and eight pillars” business system to ensure that the “14th Five-Year Plan” has a good start and a good start. Outstanding achievements welcome the 100th anniversary of the founding of the party. Regarding MCC New Energy’s work goals during the 14th Five-Year Plan period and its next major tasks, Zong Shaoxing put forward the following seven requirements:

    The first is to focus on the main business and build the goal of being a leader in emerging industries. We must focus on the main business, proceed from the existing business, unswervingly adhere to the company's development direction, give full play to our own resource advantages, strengthen the "four beams and eight pillars" business system, continue to innovate business models, enhance market competitiveness, and improve quality and efficiency , Enhance brand influence. We find the shortcomings, take our core technology as the leader, and take the customer orientation as the lead, to get through the blocking points and pain points of the stable and high-yield "meridians". We must focus on key core technology research, and take the first-line demand-oriented production as the starting point of current research and development work, and form a wave of production technology research and improvement throughout the company; focus on the large-scale mass production of 8 series high nickel products to accelerate the formation of the market Technology and benefit technology; with the overall strategy of "three steps" in research and development, complete the acceptance of existing scientific research projects in accordance with the time node, and actively carry out new project declarations, and use scientific and technological innovation to lead the company's future high-quality and sustainable development , To achieve the leap from following to leading as soon as possible. We must strictly control corporate risks. First, we must strictly control operating risks, effectively strengthen cost accounting capabilities, establish a long-term mechanism for the "two funds" management and control, and do a good job in the supervision and control of exchange rate risks; second, we must strictly control safety and environmental risks, and strictly implement "safety" First, the policy of "prevention first and comprehensive management", quantify safety and environmental protection work indicators, complete the construction of by-product harmless projects within a time limit, adhere to the goal of "zero work injury" in 2021, and resolutely prevent and curb all kinds of production safety Accidents and eco-environmental protection incidents occurred. We must vigorously promote cost reduction and efficiency enhancement. First, we must aim to create a green factory, deeply understand the impact of China’s carbon peak and carbon neutral goals on the lithium battery industry, and continue to strengthen product production unit consumption, energy consumption and direct yield. Second, we must continue to carry out the work of repairing the old and benefiting from waste, and achieve the goal of saving 10 million yuan through repairing the old and waste of 5 million yuan; Fourth, we must "bright sword" to the pressure drop inventory. Except for the spare parts purchased during the trial production period and the spare parts necessary for continuous and stable production, the total amount of other inventory parts must not exceed 2 million yuan; Fifth, we must implement full maintenance Concept, to effectively improve employees’ equipment maintenance, maintenance awareness and maintenance capabilities, and reduce equipment failure rate from the source; Sixth, we must strengthen procurement management, promote the construction and operation of waste power battery recycling demonstration lines as soon as possible, and achieve diversified raw material procurement New pattern.

    The second is to create a team of pragmatic, pragmatic and practical doers in the new era. We must adhere to our original mission, firm up our faith in practical work, and not be the "official oil" who is afraid of gains and losses, fearful of our heads, and sloppy. We must be faithful and passionate and loyal to start businesses with our faith in our bones; we must temper a pragmatic and enterprising style of work and put an end to it. Empty statements, perfunctory responsibilities, superficial articles, and excessive "trace management", we must refrain from formalism and bureaucracy in our thinking and style; we must forge a vigorous and honest team that listens to opinions and can withstand " "Sue" to keep the inner world clean. We must unswervingly grasp the integrity of the industry, vigorously promote the fine style of work, adhere to and carry forward the fine tradition of hard work, keep an eye on the "critical minority" and "important time nodes", and persevere in turning customs into customs.

    The third is to comprehensively improve the level of human resource management. We must attach great importance to the construction of the talent team, optimize the company's talent team structure, establish and improve the professional technology and reserve cadre talent pool, and create a stable and efficient workforce. We must continue to carry out education and training, innovate training methods, establish a "teacher and apprentice" training mechanism, and comprehensively improve the professional skills of employees. We need to achieve simultaneous growth in employee income and corporate benefits, establish a positive incentive mechanism based on positions and work performance appraisal as the core, and introduce a piece-rate wage plan so that employees' contributions are directly proportional to their income. We must continue to carry forward the "little tiger" spirit and encourage young cadres to stand in the forefront, guard the gates, take the lead, and make contributions based on their posts.

    The fourth is to comprehensively strengthen marketing capabilities. We must fully grasp the favorable market environment for the development of the new energy automobile industry and create a new situation in marketing. We need to optimize the customer structure and allocate more resources to leading companies in the industry and sub-industry. We need to implement graded credit grants to customers and adjust sales collection conditions to reduce the risk of receivables. We must do a good job in customer after-sales service and improve customer comprehensive satisfaction.

    Fifth, continue to focus on the lean management level of the enterprise. We must strengthen informatization operation and management capabilities and risk prevention and control capabilities, build a secure network information platform, and improve the risk prevention and control system. We must strengthen equipment management, implement a management model for equipment spot inspections and regular repairs, and carry out repairs to make use of waste to ensure the safe and stable operation of equipment. We must strengthen quality control management, identify deficiencies in standard customers, improve the four important tasks of batch management, copper management, process KPI, and ISO16949 quality management system, and guide all employees to establish quality awareness. We must do a good job in the construction of corporate culture, strengthen publicity in multiple forms and channels, and display a good corporate image.

    The sixth is to promote the continuous expansion of the scale of the enterprise. We must complete the by-product project construction on time and successfully put it into operation to achieve the goal of comprehensive resource utilization of solid waste. We must complete the waste battery recycling and reuse demonstration production line within a time limit and successfully put it into operation, and actively explore process technologies for the application of multiple materials to provide technical support for subsequent large-scale industrial production. With the goal of doubling the company's existing production capacity, we will quickly promote the construction of the second phase of the expansion project.

    Seventh, focus on party building to lead and promote new development. We must fully implement the general requirements of party building in the new era, center on welcoming the 100th anniversary of the founding of the party and the 5th anniversary of the National State-owned Enterprise Party Building Conference, deeply practice the integration of party building and production and operation, and comprehensively promote the company’s party building to the grassroots level. expand. First, we must adhere to the party's overall leadership, adhere to the "first topic" system, and carry out the party committee theory learning center group study and "three meetings and one lesson" based on actual conditions, and effectively transform the learning results into vivid practices that promote the high-quality development of the enterprise; Carry out the responsibility of administering the party strictly, strengthen the supervision and inspection of the political life in the party, make good use of the accountability tool, and form a good situation of grasping at each level and working together at each level; third, we must resolutely eliminate formalism and bureaucracy , And continue to deepen the construction of work style; fourth, we must resolutely do a good job in the “second half” of the inspection and rectification of MCC Group, and apply the results of problem rectification to strengthen the company’s party building, improve business management, standardize system implementation, improve business quality, and improve work Efficiency and other aspects provide a strong guarantee for the promotion of the company's high-quality development.

    The deputy secretary and general manager of the party committee announced the company’s 2020 list of honorary titles of advanced collectives, model workers and advanced workers of China Metallurgical The annual model workers, advanced workers and other various special awards were commended.

    During the meeting, the company’s main leaders conducted a collective report on their work on behalf of the leadership team, and carried out an annual democratic evaluation of the leadership team and its members in accordance with the requirements of MCC.

    In accordance with the epidemic prevention and control requirements of higher-level party committees and local governments, this meeting strictly controlled the number of participants and implemented epidemic prevention and control measures.

    A total of 89 people including members of the party and government team of MCC New Energy, non-team executives, heads of production workshops and functional departments, employee representatives and representatives of commended personnel attended the meeting.



    Contributed from: Li Haoran, General Office


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