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    Business Advantage

    1. Adequate raw materials and good quality

    China's nickel and cobalt reserves account for 3.4% and 1.11% of the global reserves, respectively, while consumption exceeds 50% of the world, and its dependence on foreign sources exceeds 85% and 90% respectively. Raw materials are a bottleneck restricting the development of the new energy automobile industry. The company’s raw materials rely on the Ramu nickel and cobalt project invested by China Metallurgical Group in Papua New Guinea with an investment of 12.3 billion yuan. This project is a world-class mining project integrating mining, smelting, smelting, transportation and discharging. The scope of the exploration license is 249 square kilometers and the scope of the mining license is 60. Square kilometers, the proven nickel ore reserves within the scope of the mining license of 25 square kilometers are 136 million tons, and the production of nickel and cobalt ranks among the top ten in the world. The nickel-cobalt-manganese molar ratio of its product nickel-cobalt hydroxide is 10:1:1.8, which has the natural advantage of preparing high-nickel ternary materials. It has realized the industrial chain integration between MCC Group's overseas high-quality mineral resources and domestic high-end industries.

    2. Integration of the whole industry chain

    The company’s United Nations Xuan Hi-Tech, BYD and other shareholders have opened up the advantages of a one-stop industrial chain from raw materials to precursors, cathode materials, battery assembly, and vehicle manufacturing, and realizes the integration of the entire industrial chain, which is helpful for timely feedback of market demand and to the market. Provide effective supply.

    3. Advanced technological process

    Compared with traditional processes, this project uses 40 patented technologies and develops a customized, short-flow production process based on the characteristics of raw materials, which has obvious advantages in infrastructure investment and production costs.