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    No day is delayed, no day is slack


    “"Don’t delay a day", it means do today’s things well today, don’t put it on tomorrow; "don’t slacken a day", it means do it well today, do it well tomorrow, and do it well every day.


    Efficiency creates value, innovation drives development, and quality creates eternity


    Focus on the main business of MCC to build a better MCC


    "Focus on the main business of MCC" means to always stand at the high end of the international level and the leading height of the entire metallurgical industry, use world-leading core technology, continuous innovation and research and development, independent and controllable capabilities, and irreplaceable metallurgical industry Chain integration and integration advantages, and assume the responsibility of leading China Metallurgical industry to achieve intelligent, green, low-carbon, and high-efficiency development of "steel power"; "building a beautiful MCC" is to build MCC into an "ideal and yearning for young people" A highland, a platform for middle-aged people to start their own businesses, and a harbor for the elderly to recuperate.”


    To be the national team of metallurgical construction, the main force of infrastructure construction, and the leader of emerging industries, and stick to the road of high-tech and high-quality development for a long time.

    Business system and product portfolio: Create an upgraded version of "Four Beams and Eight Pillars", striving to become the world's largest and strongest "national team" for the best metallurgical construction and operation. "Four beams": engineering contracting, equipment manufacturing, resource development, real estate development; eight pillars: metallurgical engineering, high-end housing construction, mine construction and mineral development, mid-to-high-end real estate, transportation and municipal infrastructure, core technical equipment and China Metallurgical Steel Construction, environmental engineering and new energy, special theme projects.


    Promote and promote

    Carry forward the "five styles" and enhance the "five abilities"


    Social responsibility

    Continue to innovate and develop together to build the future of the world



    MCC people, casting the world with heart

    Note: The "five styles" are fair and upright style, scientific and democratic style, truth-seeking and pragmatic style, arduous struggle style, boldly striving for the first style; the "five abilities" are the ability to grasp the team and lead the team, and the ability to learn and understand the truth. , Have the courage to assume responsibility, unity and integration, self-reflection, self-discipline and self-improvement.