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    Development History

    • 2017


      Since the start of construction in 2017, MCC’s new materials project has given full play to the synergistic advantages of the entire industrial chain of scientific research, design, survey, construction, and operation management of China Minmetals and China Metallurgical Group. No delay, no slack in one day" simple and heavy MCC spirit, with "guarantee construction period", "guarantee quality", "guarantee safety", "guarantee cost control", “guarantee production Prepare the six guarantees of "preservation of integrity and self-discipline" as the yardstick for high-quality construction of the project, with the goal of striving for national high-quality projects to promote project construction efficiently. In the face of new processes, new equipment, and new materials, the MCC New Energy operation and management team is unreliable, proactive, brave, and committed to work, overcome a series of difficulties and solve a series of problems.

    • 2018

      Produced nickel sulfate on December 17, 2018, and produced high-nickel ternary body on December 22

    • 2019

      On January 21, 2019, high-purity scandium oxide was produced, achieving the whole production process and the goal of "signing contract that year, starting construction that year, and putting it into production in one year".