High purity scandium oxide

    Scandium-based materials are currently a hot spot in the research and application of new materials in the world.

    Scandium is the "king of aluminum alloy". Scandium-containing aluminum alloys are mainly used in key components such as defense industry, aerospace, electronics, ships and railway oil pipes, high-speed trains, etc. Russia has applied aluminum-scandium alloys to missile tails, MiG, Tu series fighters and Antonov transport aircraft. ; China is used for spacecraft; Airbus is used for load-bearing components.

    Scandium is the "son of light". The scandium scandium lamp produced has the characteristics of high luminous efficiency, good light color, power saving, long service life and strong fog breaking ability. It is called the third-generation light source and is widely used in TV cameras, stadiums, road lighting, etc.

    In addition, scandium products are also widely used in fuel cells, cathode materials, and catalysts. With technological progress and industrial upgrading, the application value of new materials in the national economy and social development continues to increase.


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